* What was the Ancient name of Assam?
Ans: Kamarupa/ pragjyotishpur
* Which book is the most important literary source for the study of the early history of Assam?
Ans: The kalika purana
* Where was the term Kamarupa mentioned for the first time and when?
Ans: Samudragupta’s famous Allahabad Pillar inscription (350-375)
* The first legendary line of rulers The Danava dynasty was established by?
Ans: Mahiranga Danava
* Who participated in the Mahabharata war from Ancient Assam?
Ans: Bhagadatta the son of Narakasura, who sided with Kauravas and fought against Pandavas and Lord Krishna
* Who ruled in Sadiya during ancients time?
Ans: Bhishmaka who ruled in Vidarbha, which is now known as Sadiya
* Where Lord Krishna’s wife Rukmini was born?
Ans : kundil Nagar , Sadiya
* Banasura was the king of?
Ans: Sonitpur
* In which Assamese book is the story of Usha-Anirudhra given?
Ans: Kumar Haran
* War between Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna took place?
Ans : Tezpur , city of blood
* When and who established Varman dynasty in Kamrupa ?
Ans: Pushyavarman (350-74)
* Pushyavarman maintained cultural, political and diplomatic relationship with other state under Gupta Empire most notably with whom?
Ans: Samudragupta 
* The king from the Varman dynasty , whose name is mentioned in the Allahabad Pillar Inscription?
Ans: Balavarman I , he also assumed the title Maharajadhiraja.
* Who was the first Varman ruler to perform Ashwamedha Yajna?
Ans: MahendraVarman (470-94).
* Susthitavarman was also known as ?
Ans: Sri Mriganka
* Bhaskarvarman was son of ?
Ans: Susthitavarman 
*  Who was the last King of Varman dynasty?
Ans: Bhaskarvarman.
* Who was the ruler of Kamrupa during Hiuen Tsang’s Visit?
Ans: Kumar Bhaskarvarman.
* Who was send as an ambassador by Bhaskarvarman to met with Harsha?
Ans: Bhaskarvarman send Hangsavega as an ambassador to meeting with Harshavardhana.
* By whom Si-ya-ki was written?
Ans: Hiuen Tsang 
* After the decline of the Varman dynasty, which dynasty comes to power?
Ans: Salasthamba Dynasty (670 to 900 CE )
* When Salasthamba dynasty come to an end ?
Ans: After the death of tyagasimba .
*  Who was the most important ruler of the Salasthamba dynasty?
Ans: Sri Harsadeva (725-750) 
* Who established the Pala dynasty in Assam?
Ans: Brahmapala.
* The most famous ruler of the Pala dynasty was?
Ans: Ratnapala and Dharmapala .
* Last king of the Pala dynasty?
Ans: Jaypala

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