The Ahom kingdom, which reigned from 1228 to 1826, was a prominent medieval kingdom located in the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam. It stood the test of time for approximately 600 years and successfully thwarted the Mughal Empire’s attempts at expanding into Northeast India. The Tai prince, Sukaphaa, from Mong Mao (which is presently known as Yunnan Province in China), founded the kingdom by establishing a mong in the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra River, focusing on wet rice agriculture. During the 16th century, under the reign of Suhungmung, the kingdom experienced a sudden growth spurt, which led to its transformation into a multi-ethnic community. This transformation had a significant impact on the political and social landscape of the Brahmaputra Valley.

Unfortunately, the kingdom’s strength declined following the Moamoria rebellion, and the Burmese invasions of Assam resulted in its ultimate downfall. However, following the First Anglo-Burmese War and the Treaty of Yandabo in 1826, the East India Company took control of the kingdom. Here we are presenting some important Ahom Kingdom-related Questions and answers which help the aspirants for their competitive exams.

1. Ahoms are believed to be the inhabitant of?
Ans: Mau-lung state
2. How Ahoms were entered into Brahmaputra valley?
Ans: Crossing Patkai hills in 1228 CE
3. When Sukapha laid the foundation of the Ahom kingdom at Charaideo?
Ans:1253 CE
4. Sukapha appointed two great officers of the state known as?
Ans: Borgohai and Burhagohai.
5. When Sukapha died?
Ans:1268 CE.
6. Who was also known as “Bamuni konwar ”?
Ans: Sudangpha.
7. Who assumed the title “Swarga Narayana ”?
Ans: Suhungmung.
8. who was popularly known as Dihingia Raja?
Ans: Suhungmung, because he made his capital at Bokota near Dihing River.
9. During which Ahom’s king’s reign, did ever census take place?
Ans: the ever census took place during the reign of Suhungmung.
10. Suhungmung created a new class of ministers known as?
Ans: Barpatra Gohain .
11. Mulagabhoru died by fighting with?
Ans: Turbak, The Mohammendam Commander from Bengal.
12. Srimanta Sankardeva preached his new faith (Neo-Vaishnavism) during which king’s reign?
Ans: Suhungmung.
13. Who was the first Ahom ruler to strike coins?
Ans: Suklengmung.
14. Gargaon tank was excavated during the reign of?
Ans: Suklengmung.
15. The Ahom coin’s shape was?
Ans: Octagonal, The octagonal coin represented the eight states that came under Ahom sovereignty.
16. Who created the post “Bor Phukan” and ” Bar Baruah”?
Ans: Pratap Singha or Susengpha.
17. Who was the First Bar Baruah?
Ans: Momai Tamuli Bar Baruah (Susengpha’s uncle)
18. During which Ahom king’s reign, Mirjumla defeated The Ahom, and extended Mugal supremacy up to the capital at Gargaon.
Ans: Jayadhvaj Singha, who escaped during the Mughal invasion, earned the nickname “Bhaganiya Raja”.
19. When was the treaty of Ghiladhari signed?
Ans: Mirjumla, leading the Mughal forces, signed the treaty of Ghiladhari Ghat with the Ahom on 23 January 1663 CE.
20. Jayadhvaj Singha’s Daughter Romani Gabharu was married to which Mughal Emperor?
Ans: Aurangzeb.
21. Lachit Bar phukan was son of?
Ans: Momai Tamuli Barbaruah.
22. When was the battle of Saraighat Fought?
Ans: April 1671 CE.
23. Who was on Ahom Throne, during the Battle of Saraighat?
Ans: Chakradhvaj Singha.
24. “The battle of Itakhulir ” was fought?
Ans: 1682 CE. This was the last battle between Ahom and the Mughals. Gadadhar Singha was king at that time.
25. In Rudra Singha’s Reign, under whose supervision were numerous brick buildings erected at Rangpur?
Ans: Artist Ghanshyam .
26. Who constructed the masonry bridge over the Namdang and Dimau Rivers?
Ans: Rudra Singha.
27 . Who was declared his chief Queen as “Bar Raja”?
Ans: Siva Singha declared his chief Queen Phuleswari devi as Bar Raja (Chief king). She assumed the Hindu name Pramateswari.
28. Who constructed the Siva Doul at Sivsagar?
Ans: Bar Raja Ambika, was the second wife of Siva Singha.
29 . Who attempted to make “Shaktism” into the state religion?
Ans: Bar Raja Phuleshwari
30. Who constructed the Ranghar at Rangpur?
Ans : pramatta Singha.

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31. Lata kan ran incident happened during which kings reign?
Ans: Rajeswar Singha.
32. Who completed the construction of Kareng Ghar and Talatal Ghar in Sivsagar?
Ans: Rajeswar Singha.
33. When did the first Moamaria rebellion begin?
Ans: In 1769 CE, during the reign of Lakshmi Singha.
34. Who pleaded for help from the British to oust the Moamarias?
Ans: Gaurinath Singha.
35. Who helped Gaurinath Singha to restore the Ahom capital Rangpur?
Ans: Captain Thomas welsh in 1794 CE.
36. When did the first Burmese invasion begin?
Ans: In 1816 CE.
37. Burmese army came to invasion Assam with the invitation of?
Ans: Badan chandra Barphukan.
38. Who conspired to murder Purnananda Buragohain?
Ans: Badan Chandra Barphukan.
39. During the time of the third Burmese invasion, the king of Burma sent whom to Assam on February 1821?
Ans: Mingimaha Tilwa.
40. When the Treaty of Yandabo was signed?
Ans: The King of Burma and the East India Company signed a Treaty on 24 February 1826 CE.