Month: June 2021

mcqs on microsoft windows

MCQs On Microsoft Windows

The____________ of software are contains lists of commands and options. A. Menu BarB. Tool BarC. Title BarD. Formula BarAns: B…

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Motivational Quotes Of Ratan Tata
sports mcqs with answers

Sports MCQs With Answers

Thomas Cup is related to which among the following sports? A. GolfB. BadmintonC. CricketD. FootballAns : B 2. India made…

IBPS RRB Notification 2021
MCQs on current affairs
Ancient Indian History mcqs

Ancient Indian History Quiz Questions And Answers : MCQs

“Satyameva Jayate” is from which Upanishad_____________________ A. Aitereya UpanishadB. Kena UpanishadC. Mundaka UpanishadD. Prashna Upanishad                                                                 Ans: C 2. The period before…