Explore the rich tapestry of Assam’s art and culture through this comprehensive multiple-choice quiz (MCQ). Delve into the vibrant traditions, folklore, dance forms, music, and visual arts that define the essence of Assamese heritage. In this post on Assam Art and Culture MCQ, we have piled up Important questions that were asked in previous exams and may asked in upcoming exams such as about the ancient music instrument Gogona, Xutuli, etc, the first encyclopedia published in the Assamese language, When Dr. Bhupen Hazarika won the National Award, the first Assamese women magazine, Bhortaal Dance mainly originated from which place, about Serja, a musical instrument and much more important questions. And other important topics from Assamese festivals, historical landmarks, Assamese films, literature, and renowned artists with this engaging Assam Art and Culture MCQ. Challenge yourself, share with friends, and deepen your appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage of Assam today!

Now let’s start the MCQ and enhance your knowledge:

1. What is the name of the first encyclopedia published in the Assamese language?
A) Aadhunik
B) Asomiya Biswakosh
C) Sisu Gyankosh

Answer: B) Asomiya Biswakosh,1980 edited by Dr. Kanak Chandra Mahanta .

2. Who compiled and published the first Anglo-Assamese dictionary?
A) Dr Miles Bronson
B) Jaduramdekabarua
C) Buddhindranathbhattacharya

Answer: C) Buddhindranathbhattacharya (1931)

3. Which cymbals (Taal) are used in Ojapali performance?
A) Bortaal
B) Ramtaal
C) Khuti Taal

Answer: C) Khuti Taal.

Khuti taal

4. In Ojapali generally how many oja(lead singer) accompanied in the performance?
A) Four
B) One
C) Two

Answer: B) One.

5. An offshoot of Bhaona or Ankiya Naat,the Khulia Bhaona is performed in which district of Assam?
A) Darrang District
B) Barpeta District
C) Nagaon District

Answer: A) Darrang District.

6. What is the name of traditional Assamese earrings mostly adorned by aged women of Assam?
A) Motabiri
B) Loka-paro.
C) Thuriya.

Answer: C) Thuriya.

7. What is the name of Gogonaplayed by Man?
A) Sutuli
B) Ramdhan Gogona
C) Lahori

Answer: B) Ramdhan Gogona.

image 16

8. What ancient instrument, characterized by a half-moon shape, holds significant importance during Bohag Bihu?
A) Xutuli
B) Shinga
C) Bahi

image 15

Answer: A) Xutuli.

9. Which book of Hiuen Tsang mentions about Kamarupa?
A) Si-Yu-Ki
B) Buranji
C) Indica

Answer: A) Si-Yu-Ki.

10. During which period was the “Yogini Tantra” written? (APSC – 2016)?
A) 17th Century
B) 14th Century
C) 10th Century

Answer: B) 14th Century.

11. What is the name of the Assamese dictionary compiled by Dr Miles Bronson?
A) AsomiyaaaruEngrajiAbhidhaan(1867).
B) Asomiyajatio Abhidhan
C) Hemkosh

Answer: A) AsomiyaaaruEngrajiAbhidhaan(1867).

12. A patriotic drama named Bandini Bharat, the script of which was intercepted by British Police in 1906. Who was the writer?
A) Lakshmi Nandan Bora
B) Ambikagiri Rai Choudhary
C) Atul Chandra Hazorika

Answer: B) Ambikagiri Rai Choudhary.

13. “Most of his social and political thinking was published as an editorial in the Chetanaa”.Whose thinking was published in the above-mentioned statement?
A) Atul Chandra Hazorika
B) Chandra Kumar Agarwala
C) Ambikagiri rai Choudhary

Answer: C) Ambikagiri rai Choudhary.

14. The first play written by Jagdish Phookan was?
A) Gaon Burha
B) SakunirPratisodh
C) Matir Manuh

Answer: C) Matirmanuh.

15. The Last movie made by Jyoti Prasad Agarwala is?
A) Manomati(1941)
B) Indramalati
C) Jonaki

Answer: B) Indramalati.

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16. Which film awarded Dr Bhupen Hazarika the Asia Pacific International film festival as the best music director in 1992?
A) Rudaali
B) Loti Ghoti
C) Mon Prajapati

Answer: A) Rudaali.

17. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika won the National Award for the best music director, what is the name of the film?
A) Chikmik Bijuli
B) Loti Ghoti
C) Chameli Memsab

Answer: C) Chameli Memsab(1975).

18. Which Assamese film was awarded the President’s Silver Medal in the year 1966?
A) Loti Ghoti
B) Amar Ghar
C) Puberun

Answer: C) Puberun(1966).

19. Name the first Assamese movie to be sent abroad as an entry to the Berlin Film Festival.
A) Pratidhvani
B) Puberun
C) Ranga Police

Answer: C) Puberun (Director by Prabhat Mukherjee).

20. The first mobile theatre of Assam Nataraj was started by:
A) Achyut Lahkar
B) Jahnu Barua
C) Tapan Das

Answer: A) Achyut Lahkar

21. How many “Ghosas” are there in the Nama Ghosa:
A) 500
B) 1000
C) 1500

Answer: B) 1000

22. Which of the following Ahom King introduced the Buranji written in Assam:
A) Rudra Singha
B) Sukaphaa
C) Sukhampha

Answer: B) Sukaphaa.

23. Who wrote Prahlada Charitra?
A) Hem Saraswati
B) Rudra Kandali
C) Harivara Vipra

Answer: A) Hem Saraswati

24. The first Assamese Sonet book Malach was written by:
A) Hiteshwar Borborah
B) Hemchandra Goswami
C) Nabakanta Baruah

Answer: A) Hiteshwar Borborah.

25. What is the name of the first Assamese women’s magazine?
A) Bahi
B) Arunudoi
C) Ghar Jeoti

Answer: C) Ghar Jeoti.

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