41. Which UN body deals with population problem?

Ans: A

42. Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?

D. All of the above
Ans: C

43. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is located at which of the following places?

A. Geneva
B. Rome
C. Paris
D. Vienna
Ans: A

44. Amnesty International is an organization associated with which of the following fields?

A. Protection of Cruelty to animals
B. Environment protection
C. Protection of human rights
D. Protection of historic monuments
Ans: C

45. Which of the following is not a chief organ of the United Nations Organizations?

A. International Labour Organization
B. Security Council
C. International Court of Justice
D. General Assembly
Ans: A

46. Permanent Secretariat to coordinate the implementation of SAARC programmed is located at

A. Dhaka
B. New Deli
C. Colombo
D. Kathmandu
Ans: D

47. The chairmanship/presidency of the UN Security Council rotates among the Council Members____________________

A. Every 6 months
B. Every 3 months
C. Every Year
D. Every month
Ans: D

48. The Halifax summit was that of__________________

A. G-7 countries
B. Leaders of the NAM
C. Countries in favor of a common currency for Europe
D. Palestinian and Israeli leaders
Ans: A

49. Besides UK, USA, Germany and Japan the G-7 countries includes_________________________

A. Canada, France and Russia
B. Canada, Italy and Netherlands
C. France, Netherlands and Russia
D. Canada, France and Italy
Ans: D

50. The Indian delegation to the first World Conference on Human Rights was led by________________________

A. Dr. Manmohan Singh
B. Farooq Abdullah
C. Dinesh Singh
D. Alam Khan
Ans: A

51. The year 1995 is the Golden Jubilee year of which of the following international organizations?

C. GATT (now WTO)
Ans: A

52. The office of the UN General Assembly is in______________________

A. Vienna
B. New York
C. Paris
D. Zurich
Ans: B

53. The headquarters of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is located in____________________

A. Paris
B. Madrid
C. New York
D. Geneva
Ans: D

54. Which is principal organ of the United Nations that as virtually accomplished its object?

A. The Security Council
B. The General Assembly
C. The International Court of Justice
D. The Trusteeship Council
Ans: D

55. Pakistan which rejoined the Commonwealth, had pulled itself out of it in the year__________________

A. 1978
B. 1975
C. 1972
D. 1982
Ans: C

56. The main aim of SAARC is____________________________

A. Regional Cooperation
B. Internal affairs
C. Non-alignity
D. Peaceful Coexistence
Ans: A

57. The non-permanent members of the Security Council of the UN elected by the General Assembly for two years term at present include (2-year term which begins on the January 1, 2011)

A. Japan, India, Hungary, Venezuela
B. Morocco, Cape, Verde, Belgium, Russia
C. Zimbabwe, Venezuela, India, France
D. Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal, South Africa
Ans: D

58. Which of the following countries is not a member of SAARC?

A. Nepal
B. Bangladesh
C. Afghanistan
D. Myanmar
Ans: D

59. The international township built near Pondicherry in India in coloration with UNESCO is called___________________

A. Ellaville
B. Auroville
C. Gayville
D. Broadway
Ans: B

60. The five permanent members of UN security council are______________________

A. Japan, West Germany, USSR, UK and USA
B. Canada, China, France, USSR and USA
C. Germany, China, USSR, UK and USA
D. China, France, USSR, UK and USA
Ans: D