Assam gk 1

141. Who is known as the “Assam Keshari”?
Ans: Ambikagiri Raichoudhury.
142. When did Aideu Handique died?
Ans: 17 December 2002.
143. When did Pratima Barua Pandey receive the Padma Shree award?
Ans: 1991.
144. What was the first Assamese daily newspaper?
Ans: Dainik Batori.
145. Who formed “Mrityu Bahini” during the freedom struggle?
Ans: Pushpalata Das.
146. Sati Sadhani was a queen of which dynasty?
Ans: Chutia dynasty.
147. Who was the father of Sati Sadhani?
Ans: Dharmadhwajpal (Dhirnarayan).
148. When did the first Moamoria rebellion begin?
Ans: 1769.
149. When did the second Moamoria rebellion begin?
Ans: 1782.
150. What was the name of the British officer who was killed during the Phulaguri uprising?
Ans: Lieutenant B H Singer.
151. Which tribe performs Haidang Geet?
Ans: Sonowal kachari.
152. Bhatheli festival is related to?
Ans: Bamboo Worship.
153. Gumrag dance is the folk dance of which tribe of Assam?
Ans: Mising tribe.( performed during Ali-Aai-Ligang)
154. Tusu puja is observed by which community?
Ans: Tea tribes.
155. Wangala harvest festival is celebrated by which community?
Ans: Garo
156. Which tribe performs the Lewatana Dance?
Ans: Hajong Tribe.
157. Which spring festival is celebrated by the Tai-Buddhist community?
Ans: Poi-Sangken (Water Festival).
158. Who was the first female music director of an Assamese film?
Ans: Manisha Hazarika.
159. First Assamese color film?
Ans: Bhaity.
160. The first private television channel of Assam?
Ans: NE tv.